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Commercial and Industrial Accounts

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Three Easy Steps:

1. Select “Free Assessment”

Create an account profile. fill up the webform.



2. Select ” View Assessment”

Energy Rates Hub will produce the commodity’s assessment ( annual cost ) for the account based on the webform selections.
On the same web page, Energy Rates Hub will display the eligible Price Plans for which the account would qualify.

Energy Rates Hub will also supply the calculated Price Plans Rate Performance in percentage & nominal cost, offered by suppliers vs previous year(s) .

Negative values translates in lower cost value opportunity where Positive values means premium cost.


3. Select ” reserve the price plan”

Once you select ” Reserve the Price Plan” Energy Rates Hub will email the supplier’s agreement as per selection, for review and approval.

The enrollment of the account in the price plan will have to follow the process in compliance to governing laws and regulations.

All price plans enrollments include ” buyer’s remorse” clause, depending on location from 30 to 60 days,  and can be canceled, revised at no cost to the account holder.

Consumption Profile (there are two options):

1. Generic Profile – by selecting annual volume consumption in profile form Energy Rates Hub will generate the mathematical based average cost report.

2.Custom Profile – by selecting monthly volume consumption in profile form Energy Rates Hub will generate the weighted average (actual) cost report.

Review Profile’s Assessment

Based on supplied data, Energy Rates Hub will produce the commodity’s annual cost as well the evaluation of price opportunities performance applied to account’s consumption model.

Recommendations and Price Plan Selection

Energy Rates Hub platform enable you to select, review and / or cancel any of the price plans, in compliance with the governing laws and regulations.
Should you wish to book a price plan, our automated system will email the enrolment document ( supply agreement ) based on your selection from the licensed suppliers.

Eligibility and Qualification

Price Plans Options and Cost Risk Mitigation Strategies offered are designed for Commercial and Industrial accounts only.

Energy Rates Hub services are free of charge, Price Plan Selection it is optional.